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Safeguarding Update December 2016

Welcome to your catch-up of the latest news and stories in the Safeguarding community.

This month we have articles relating to the shocking number of sexual abuse victims in the football community, the systems set up to help them and what implications this has had on other sporting committees.

We also have results from Barnardo’s research into online grooming and CRAE’s annual assessment of what life is like for children in England.

After what we are sure was a busy Christmas, we would like to wish you a happy New Year and as always if you have any feedback on any of the articles featured or anything else you would like to see more of in the new year get in touch.


The Team


Cricket Board sends safeguarding procedures reminders


Extent of mental health in children and young people revealed


Two-thirds of children groomed online were then sexually exploited


FA film outlining four key steps to safeguarding launched


Serious Case Review find ‘corners were cut’ in case of Child L


Children denied basic things they need to develop and thrive


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